Career in LAW


What next in Career; is a question that haunts everystudent after Class- XII. Lack of awareness and following the rat race inter alia are few reasons because of which the student ends up in making a wrong choice. While making a choice as to career, consider three factors- Reputation, Remuneration and Satisfaction. Choose a career that best suits your Aptitude. Be an informed student. Let’s explore one more facet -“Career in Law -From School to Law School”.

Consider Law as Career, don’t follow the rat race.. Take a wise and informed decision as to your career.. Walk in pace with the need of time … A bright future is awaiting you

Law affects all the spheres of life and a Lawyer primarily is a social engineer who has the responsibility to develop society as a whole and be a guardian of Justice. Ignorance of Law is no excuse, thus every person in society is bound toobey the law. Hence nobody is above the law.

History is evident about lawyers’ contribution to the society, ranging from Mahatma Gandhi to Nelson Mandela,Dr.Rajendra Prasad to Abraham Lincoln and many more. The trend has been global.Hence, Law as a profession not only is lucrative in terms of remuneration rather it’s an opportunity to subserve the national interest.

With advent of globalization it has emerged as one of the best career options available to the students after Class- XII.Legal profession is one of the growing and lucrative professions in India. It is one of the most adventurous and exciting career too. Lawyers are held in high esteem in our society, and there remains the faith that when all else fails, one can still take recourse to the legal system. Thus one who pursues this profession is often blessed with Reputation, Remuneration and Satisfaction.

Some food for thought-

  • Lowest salary package of a student from NLSIU (National Law School Institute University) – Bangalore is at least 1 lac INR more than the average package of an IITian.
  • 70% of students who had joined NLSIU in 2014 are from Science stream.
  • Unique courses providing techno legal expertise (B.Tech- LL.B) are now available to meet the present day industry demands.
  • C.P.T is comparatively an easy exam to crack but a study reveals that out of 100 students cracking C.P.T exam just 14 becomes C.A. Where are the rest?